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kissing porn

kissing porn

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by massagesex [ June 01 2012 14:09 ]

The Porn Industry's Jester

If pornographer and prominent defender of the porn industry Anna Arrowsmith did not exist then the porn industry would have to invent her. Few have worked so assiduously to normalise the product of the multi-billion dollar industry as the former parliamentary candidate. However, if the porn producers did have the chance to design her from scratch I'm betting they would do something about her ability to reason and persuade. Her latest article for The Guardian is a classic in the Arrowsmith oeuvre, full of ludicrous statements and unfounded assertions. Commenting on the breakout porn star "James Deen”, lauded as a “feminist”[1] due to such radical patriarchy-smashing acts as “whispering in the ears of female performers” and “holding their hands” Arrowsmith claims to be surprised by his media prominence since, according to Arrowsmith, the “feminism” of Deen is the norm amongst male performers:

"Despite many people believing male porn stars to be misogynistic, the reality is they tend to be men who enjoy the company of women. The fact porn films sometimes require performances from men that can be perceived to be misogynistic does not necessarily mean that the films, or the actors, are misogynistic themselves."

In 2007 Robert Woztnitzer and Ana Bridges xvideosporn published an analysis of 50 of the most popular porn videos. 88% of the scenes they analysed showed physical aggression; nearly half included verbal insults or threats; 70 percent of the acts of aggression were carried out by men and 87% of those acts were committed against women. Only 5% of the acts of aggression were responded to by requests to stop – overwhelmingly women were portrayed as deserving of their subordinate status.

Porn producers do not sometimes require performances that can be perceived as misogynist, they almost always require such performances. And herein lies the trouble with arguing that misogyny in porn is harmless fantasy; that claim might be tenable if such material were merely one style amongst a wide variety of popular alternatives but in terms of market share misogyny is pretty much the only game in town. Don't believe me? Type “porn” into google and see how long it takes you to find material inconsistent with the Woznitzer and Bridges content review.

Then there is Arrowsmith's claim that male porn stars are typically not misogynist. Firstly, if that is the case, it raises the question as to why these supposedly women-loving men choose to contribute to an industry which so relentlessly portrays women as the subordinate sexual playthings of men. Secondly, while the personal views of the male performers can have serious consequences for their female counterparts, their views are largely irrelevant when it comes to the impact of porn on the broader culture. If a racist Hollywood movie is produced with actors who are not racist in their private lives that does not exonerate the producers of the movie nor mitigate the harm of that particular media product. Male performers could be working in domestic violence shelters in their free time but it would not therefore follow that the product of their day jobs ought not be classified as misogynist.

Arrowsmith approvingly quotes Deen discussing his work for the sado-masochistic porn production site

"At [BDSM conglomerate] Kink, this girl and I are having awesome sex and she likes to get slapped in the face. The sex isn't punishment. It's BDSM lifestyle, and they make it super clear it's the girl's fantasy." is somewhat unusual amongst porn sites in having a code of conduct displayed on their site. Amongst other rules that its producers must abide by you can find the following heart warming injunction:

“If a model begins crying due to pain, the scene must stop and the model must be comforted ON CAMERA.[emphasis theirs] The scene may continue at a lighter pace to avoid continued crying once the model has stopped crying, the tears are wiped away, and the model has explicitly agreed to continue.”

If Deen and the producers at can be described as “feminist” (Deen incidentally is on the record as saying that he hates feminism) then this must be a wave of feminism that has passed me by. Perhaps they are part of what we might term the “collaborationist wave”.

Under the alias "Anna Span" Arrowsmith is a producer of supposedly feminist pornography. As I have written elsewhere it seems to me that the production of genuinely feminist porn is a legitimate tactic in the struggle against the overwhelming misogyny of the industry (whether it's an effective tactic is another question). However, it is impossible to take Arrowsmith or groups such as Our porn, Ourselves seriously as allies in that struggle since they insist on making outrageously positive statements about the mainstream of the industry whilst denying the heavily circumscribed nature of the choices available to performers. For example in her Guardian article Arrowsmith breezily states that:

“Porn stars choose the porn industry as a dream job, often over other equally well-paid job opportunities.”

Not some porn stars, not a small percentage - no, apparently all porn performers are living out their dreams and neither the risks of working for women hating men, nor the dangers of disease, or of being socially shunned can deter them from the single minded pursuit of their goal. This in spite of the fact that they could apparently get paid equally well by other employers, (Deen oddly appears to be an exception to Arrowsmith's panglossian depiction of the options available to porn performers, since he was homeless in his teens and was working at Starbucks prior to his porn debut).

There are defenders of porn who rise to the minimum level of seriousness that allows for meaningful debate on the topic of pornography. Alas, Anna Arrowsmith has demonstrated once again that she cannot be counted amongst their number.

[1] Readers interested in Deen's unusual brand of feminism are invited to read this interview in which Deen ponders the question as to whether or not the late porn director Chico Wang (who kidnapped, beat and probably murdered his porn star wife Haley Paige) was a bad man.
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by massagesex [ June 01 2012 14:09 ]

WWE Responds To Article Saying They Are Barely Above Porn

WWE has responded to a column featured in the Darien Times by editor Joshua Fisher, who stated that WWE is a product “barely above pornography.” Expect lots of similar articles not being kind to WWE with Linda McMahon’s political campaign kicking off. Here is WWE’s response to the column:

Dear Mr. Fisher:

We are writing regarding your column that appeared hardsexporn in the Darien Times on May 17, 2012, where you state that WWE is a product “barely above pornography.”

Although this was an opinion piece, your position as editor of the Darien Times would ethically require you to report the facts accurately and not distort the truth. For future editorials and news stories that may pertain to WWE, we wanted you to be aware of the facts so you clearly understand our programming content and the type of entertainment we provide to our more than 300,000 fans in the state of Connecticut and millions around the world.

All WWE television programming features only TV-PG content as rated not by us, but by the network TV distributors and their standards and practices departments. WWE weekly programming has always appeared on basic cable or broadcast television. As any casual television viewer knows, your description of our programming, based on the Federal Communications Commission rules alone, would not be permitted on broadcast television or basic cable.

WWE is family entertainment. In fact, 40 percent of the millions of fans who attend our live events bring their children. It’s insulting to these parents to think that they would condone their children watching inappropriate content. WWE may not be your personal choice of entertainment, but that does not give you the right to damage our corporate reputation.

On behalf of WWE, its 690 employees and our fans in Connecticut, we would appreciate it if you would stick to factual statements about our organization and brand. For more information on our company, please go to and feel free to reach out to us for the facts in advance of any articles you write relating to WWE.


Brian Flinn

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
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by massagesex [ June 01 2012 14:08 ]

Sex Related Article - Acting Out Porn

Most guys like looking at porn. There is nothing wrong with this. The problem is when they watch something on film and try to do it. You soon realize that you can't do it. Do you remember the first time you saw someone on television attempt a stunt on a bike and you tried to do it? You fell on your ass and ran home to cry to your mother. You might not cry to your mother when you can't perform a sex act, unless you are in some weird incest cult, but its all the same. I wonder how many people really get to spray spunk into their partners face, or get to slap there dick on there arse. Is porn really comparable to REAL sex?!?!?

You can't expect yourself to be able to do the things they do. They are pros at it. I know that sounds funny, sometimes I wish I was a pro at having sex. That is what they are though. That is why they get paid the big bucks to show it all for the camera. They can bend themselves into positions that we can't even imagine. The women can suck a cock twice as long as a normal woman can. When was the last time you saw a woman take a huge penis in her back door and wonder how she could take all of it?

Some women are into trying out what they see adultpornomovies on the television. That doesn't mean though that they play with themselves with the sex toys all day long watching porn. That means that they are really into the sex acts. That is like hitting pay dirt my friend. If you were at a casino lights would be flashing telling you that you won a jackpot. Well, let's slow down a little here. There is one problem, kind of a big problem. Most men see these things in the movies and they are too embarrassed to ask their lover to try it out. I'm not sure why this is, but maybe it has to do with the fact that you have to admit to watching porn.

If you never ask, you will never know. If you run under the blankets every time you want to try something new, she won't ever know what is on your mind. Though it might seem like it at times, women aren't mind readers. You need to tell her what you want to do. Don't be ashamed. Chances are there are new things she would like to do as well. If you keep an open line of communication open, you stand a better chance of acting out your fantasizes. What do you have to loose? You need to keep in mind that just because she likes to get nasty, that doesn't mean that she is nasty. You have to keep a different mind set when you see your woman doing these sex acts compared to the woman you see in the movie doing it. In your mind the woman in the movie is a dirty slut, in real life, the woman doing this to you is the woman you have to wake up next to.

If you expect to have a lasting relationship that lasts more than one bang, you need to be open. If you plan on being with this woman for a long period of time, then you need to be able to discuss your sexual dreams. That is the only way a relationship can last. If you don't you will end up with a lot of built up tension or one hell of a credit card bill from buying porn videos all the time. Its not worth keeping your fantasizes quite. Be open, be honest. You will find out that she has some weird sexual desires to. Have fun with them. If you expect her to go along with yours, you have to expect to go along with hers. Life is a two way street, the only one way streets are guys named Cindy who like it in the ass from another guy.

You should buy some oils and maybe even some kinky costumes. Do a little role playing in bed. Be that big bad rent collector and she doesn't have the money to pay this month. Tell her that she will have to lie on her back and screw you for this months rent. Do kinky stuff that turns both of you on. Usually there is some middle ground that you can reach regarding things like this. Make it fun, be an actor. Try to win a Grammy award.

Don't be unrealistic. Don't expect her to be able to roll up in a ball like putty while you bang her. Chances are most men and women can't get themselves in the positions that they see in the movies. That is just a fact you will have to live with. Instead, take away bits and pieces that you know you will be able to do. Do a variation of doggy style or something like that. Have her lay on a pillow so her buttocks points higher up than normal. That sort of thing. Find ways to work around all of it.

If you aren't too demanding, things will fall into place. You aren't a movie director, don't tell her how to make her every move. That will only put too much pressure on her. If you were put under that much pressure you wouldn't be able to perform. So won't be able to either. Keep a clear and realistic mind when it comes to acting out your favorite sex scenes. This will help you get the most bang for your porno buck. It will keep you a satisfied customer again and again.
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by massagesex [ June 01 2012 14:07 ]

The rise of cancer porn

Cancer porn has an extensive history. Sexually suggestive and explicit medical diagrams are as ancient as artwork in any other context; lovingly detailed X-ray scans date to very shortly after the invention of photography, and among the earliest films are works depicting nudity and explicit amputations.
The alliance of the might of the adult entertainment industry and the cancer treatment industry formed an economic powerhouse that was nigh unstoppable and is regarded as the prime driver of the dot-come-bubble of 19100. The reports on the subject produced by the Kinsey-Mayo Clinic are generally credited with helping the Western world accept the rightness and beauty of the sexualisation of carcinogenesis.
One of the most notable pioneers of cancer extremeporn porn was actor John Holmes, famed for the impressive mass of his protruding growth. With his role in Deep Throat Nodules, Holmes shot to international fame. Repeatedly. Annie Sprinkle's work in popularising and demystifying the rampaging horn-dog side of cancer, and encouraging women to find and celebrate the pleasures and joys of their tumors, has also been the subject of much attention.
editCancer online

The cancer-porn industry was, of course, famed for consistently being on the forefront of new technologies. One of its most successful initiatives was Peer-to-Peer Metastasis ("the Napster of cancer"), where enthusiastic individuals on the Internet set up carcinogen-sharing networks to share and spread their home-generated toxic samples, produced using cheap new technologies such as microwaves and tobacco. Individuals went about their daily lives wearing personal cancer players, intending to hook up with other sexy cancer enthusiasts, identifying each other by the classic trademark white earbud monitoring electrode pads. Personal cancer players were particularly popular in Europe for urogenital and eye cancers.
The spread of the Internet was described as "cancer porn" in an informational RFC on the subject. Microsoft later described Linux as "intellectual property cancer porn," because they were jealous of the luscious goth chicks that seemed to surround far too many Linux geeks, even given the geeks' appalling fondness for white socks and sandals. As the famed Avenue Q song put it: "Just grab your dick and double-click/ The Internet causes cancer."
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by massagesex [ June 01 2012 14:07 ]

We Are The Porn Generation

ven if you aren’t a teenage boy, I’ll bet that you were exposed to some pornography today. You can stop sweating; I’m not talking about erotic films (at least not necessarily). I mean the concept of pornography, at the simplest level. When broken down, what pornographic films do is take the most arousing parts of regular films (i.e. the sex scenes) and have those parts comprise the main content. In other words, it’s all meat and potatoes. We want the good stuff, and we don’t have time to eat the veggies. For example, a movie like Black Swan is a salad: lots of boring lettuce… with that Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis sex scene as the sprinkled bacon bits. The same concept applies to the actors: pornographic filmmakers understand their main demographic, and use actresses that will appeal most to that group. That’s why certain features in these women are either selected for in casting or exaggerated with surgery.

Now, think about where else the concept foryouporn applies: where else do they isolate the meat and potatoes? Quite literally, it’s done at McDonald’s. Fast food is food porn. A trip to your local burger chain is masturbation for your taste buds. We love certain tastes; salt, sugar, protein – and that’s all you get in your greasy, brown paper bag. It starts with the burger: if a Big Mac were a movie, it would be rated ‘R.’ It’s also clear who the big star is: the patty. The lettuce is just an extra; it shares a trailer, stays out of the spotlight, and just makes the whole thing look pretty. When you’ve gotten your beef fix, you move on to the fries; the deep-fried, salt-covered potato sticks. Taste one and tell me there’s something in there that isn’t pushing your sodium meter off the charts. Wash the whole thing down with a jumbo fountain soda, sweetened with enough high-fructose corn syrup to make a 10-year-old pixie stick addict wince.

Now that we have the mouth covered, what about your brain? What turns on your cerebral cortex? Being an organ designed for cognitive processing, it must be information. Observation of the publishing industry’s history reveals how information distribution has evolved over time. Just like food providers selecting for the foods that are most stimulating, information pushers are cutting down their servings to only the good stuff. Non-fiction books were the initial attempt to spread information to a mass audience; they had all the benefits of word-of-mouth conversation, without the personal embellishment that resulted in a “broken telephone” effect. But books are long. Who has time to read? We don’t want the vegetables in our stir-fry, just give us the damn beef already! So what did our impatient, gluttonous society come up with to speed up the transaction of information? I know what you’re thinking: it’s magazines. Please, that’s soft-core; it still involves reading! If you want the real, quality book porn – there’s a website called Not only has all reading been eliminated, but authors will present you the gist of their book in a condensed video of 20 minutes or less. The next logical step will have to be USB ports installed on our heads for transfers at 12 megabytes per second.

As for aural pleasure: if you’ve turned on a hit radio station in the past 15 years, you know exactly what music porn is (I don’t mean Barry White). Record company executives use focus groups to find what song elements give a tune mass appeal, and set up what has become an assembly line that begins with a good-looking teenage singer and ends with a song you can’t get out of your head for a month. They also take advantage of a concept familiar to psychologists: the more exposure we have to a certain song, the more we will like it – regardless of its quality. It’s a natural human tendency to confuse catchiness with fondness. The songs are composed so that they are tolerable enough for most people to keep their radios on the station, and catchy enough that the listeners will repeat them afterwards. The result is a flood of manufactured music – void of emotion and authenticity – that spreads like a contagion.

Unfortunately, the porn concept has even infiltrated the world of journalism. I’m not even talking about Fox News looking for the seductive, yet useless, piece about Barack Obama’s personal life to occupy an hour on their airwaves. I mean the trend in many online articles towards “Top 10s” and brief paragraphs surrounded by flashy pictures. I’m not upset that these ‘articles’ exist, I’m just pleading that we call it what it is; and that is not an ‘online newspaper.’ Simply put, it’s journalism porn. Follow a news conglomerate on Twitter to see the hardcore stuff; they keep stories to a skimpy 140 characters.

Just like actual pornography, there’s something out there for everyone. If sex scenes don’t stimulate you as much as violence does, there are plenty of action-packed movies being released every week full of fiery explosions for your pleasure. If you prefer fiction books to non-fiction, just wait a month after a book is released for the film adaptation. If you’re a vegetarian… Well, you’re shit out of luck.

Don’t get the wrong idea; it would be completely hypocritical of me to say that this movement is entirely bad. I love TED talks; they have the noble intention of spreading revolutionary ideas to a wide audience. I’m also a TV junkie, and I don’t read as much as I should. It’s the scary, negative consequences that worry me: Facebook as friendship porn, the commercialization of the music industry, and increasing use of stupid acronyms in conversation.

The good news is that the full, unadulterated means of conveyance are still out there if you look for them. Although their “pornographic” counterparts often overshadow them, there are still plenty of full-length books and articles being published. It appears that the most effective way to bypass the strict corporate filtration process is to simply do it yourself. With the help of the Internet, it’s never been easier to go about publishing your own article, e-book, or music for everyone to see. If you think there’s more to food than meat and potatoes, you can cook for yourself or find a local hipster restaurant with more diverse options. Corporations are not looking out for your best interests; they’re looking to make as much money as possible. They know exactly what to put out to get you that quick dopamine fix, and will readily sacrifice the product’s quality to do so.

Life appears to be a continuous quest to get the most possible pleasure out of every situation, but it’s really more complicated than that. You can go straight to the bedroom if you so choose, but I want some romance first.
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